About Catholic Nutrition

The mission of Catholic Nutrition is to help people live healthy and fit lives in combination with the tenets of Christian spirituality.

Our Online Nutrition and Exercise Program

Catholic Nutrition helps people transform their lives using the best in class online nutrition and exercise curriculum developed by our friends at Precision Nutrition.

The program lasts for 12 months, and is the exact opposite of the mainstream “diet” industry.  It is truly meant to teach our clients how to “fish for themsevles” for the rest of their lives.

Our Blog

Catholic Nutrition also posts articles on nutrition, health, lifestyle, and spiritual topics. And since we always get asked about what we eat, we also post the occasional recipe or “how to” article. Go here to check out our latest posts.

Who We Are

Catholic Nutrition is a privately held company. We are Catholic owned and operated – from our owners to our coaching and marketing staff. However, it is not a requirement that our employees be Catholic. We are open to working with people from other Christian churches, whether it be with our employees or our clients.

Who We Are Not

We are not directly affiliated with the Catholic Church, or any diocese or parish. Being privately owned allows us to continuously improve our products and services while being able to provide for our families and our parish communities.