The Super Shake Guide: Infographic

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We love and regularly use protein shakes, but turning a shake into a filling meal requires a little bit more planning.  Enter the “Super Shake”.  Here’s a handy guide with everything you need to know about how to create complete balanced meals with less calories than the common smoothy/juice-bar chains.

Reasons why we love Super Shakes:

  • They are nutrient dense meals
  • Can be whipped up in a short amount of time
  • Are great for breakfast or for taking on the go
  • Don’t feel heavy or difficult to digest (again, great for early in the day)

If there’s one tip we can give above and beyond what the following infographic explains, is to find the best digesting protein powder that you can afford.  Our favorite is:

  • cold processed, cross flow micro-filtrated whey protein isolate
  • from grass fed New Zealand cow’s
  • sweetened with stevia

There are several options for ordering online depending on where you live.  If you need some help finding one, just shoot us an email.

Without further ado, the Super Shake Guide:

The Super Shake Guide3

Infographic courtesy of Precision Nutrition (with some tweaks)


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