The Power Of Sleep: Infographic

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Given the amount of evidence and information available on the importance of sleep, it is amazing how many people we encounter that still neglect it. In this infographic, we share common signs that you may not be getting enough sleep, and how to prepare for a great nights sleep.

Before we go into the infographic, here are a few points to ponder on regarding the importance of getting enough quality sleep:

  • The human race has been sleeping 8-9 hours for centuries.  Before Thomas Edison invented electricity, people went to bed at 9pm and woke up at 6am.
  • Regular circadian rhythm is necessary to help your body defend against cancer.
  • Melatonin (the sleep hormone) also acts as an antioxidant.  When it’s released during sleep, it helps to suppress harmful free radicals in the body and slows the production of estrogen (which can activate cancer). Totally blind women have a 36% lower risk of breast cancer compared to sighted women (they secrete more melatonin because of the lack of light).
  • Insufficient sleep reduces insulin sensitivity and increases insulin resistance.  Increased insulin resistance is linked to cancer, diabetes, excess body fat, and reduced longevity.  Definitely no bueno.

Hopefully, that will help motivate you to take sleep more seriously.

Here’s the infographic:

The Power Of Sleep


Feel free to download or print the infographic as a reminder.

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Infographic courtesy of Precision Nutrition

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