3 Steps To Fix A Broken Diet: Infographic

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Although it’s not the first thing we tackle in our coaching program’s, one of the first things our clients want to know is what to eat, how much to eat, and when to eat.

While we don’t believe in meal plans, we do believe in meal frameworks.  A framework is simply a method of doing things, as opposed to a specific recipe or plan.  It’s more along the lines of guiding someone as opposed to telling someone.  It allows the receiver of the information to use their own decision making and intuition as part of the process.

Whichever diet camp you are currently following (or not), our guidelines in this article still apply.  So let’s dive into our intro guide on the 3 First Steps To Fixing A Broken Diet.


3 Steps To Fix A Broken Diet


Note that the food amounts shown are not always exactly the same for everyone.  They are just a starting point and then we tweak the amounts and ratios based on the results or the goals we are working towards.  Regarding nutrient deficiencies, one very important thing to be aware of is how deficiencies affect our appetite.  Once we correct deficiencies, we can improve our appetite awareness.  Just one of the many areas we dive into in our 12 month coaching program.

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Infographic courtesy of Precision Nutrition



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